Art club 

Advisor: Mr. Roster, Room 62 

The purpose is to meet with other people who enjoy art and to have fun.  Our goal is to do a service project to help beautify the school. 

Activities vary.  Students come up with art lessons and teach them to other students. Lessons range from origami, paper mache, drawing, painting, clay, etc…

Membership criteria:  Must have had at least one art class and be able to work well with others. 

Meetings:  2-3 times a month on Thursdays

Technology Club (a.k.a. Computer Club) est. 1992

Advisor:  Mr. Gagaza, Room 63 

Focus of Club:  Computer minded individuals share their interests in the use of computers for education and other activities.  Club members are allowed to go online and play games with direct supervision from club officers and the adult advisor.  Club is also a place where students can make up computer work from other classes.

Membership criteria:  Any 6th, 7th or 8th grade student enrolled at Somerset who is not on the ineligibility list.  In order for a student to be an active member, they must have a current Electronic Use Form (EUF) on file in the computer lab. Without an EUF on file, students can still use the computer but cannot go on the internet.

Club meets:  Every Tuesday, except the first Tuesday of each month, from 3:00 to 4:00

CJSF-California Scholarship Federation

Advisors: Mr. Bola and Mrs. Baker

Mr. Bola:

Mrs. Baker:

Purpose:  To recognize academic achievement.  Students also complete a community service project each trimester.

Membership criteria:  GPA point system based on core subject grades.   There is a $5 membership fee, community service component, and an application form.

CJSF meets 1-2 times per month.

Yoga Club

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Advisor: Ms. Gierhan 

Meets on Wednesdays at 2:45 in Room 67

Code X  

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Advisor: Mr. Harlan-Gran

Meets in Room 36

Science Olympiad

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Advisor:  Mr. Harlan-Gran

Begins Trimester 2

Meets in Room 36

Wood Shop Club

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Advisor: Mr. Jaso

Meets on Wednesdays in Room 66 at 3:00

Honors Club

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Advisor: Ms. Argain

Meets Thursdays at 3:00 in room 82


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Advisor: Mr. Harlan-Gran

Meets in Room 36 at 3:00

Dude Perfect

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Advisor: Jacob Giffen

Meets Wednesdays in Room 44 at 2:45

Cool 2B Kind

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Advisor: Mrs. Ramirez

Meets Tuesdays in Room 30 at 2:50