Volunteer Application

We value and encourage parent volunteerism in Sylvan Union School District. Parent participation is welcome at all schools in the District. Given the State/District’s accountability requirements for staff and students, we reserve the right to limit parental participation in a student’s classroom. Please schedule, in advance, your classroom visits/volunteer time with your child’s teacher. If you have questions, please feel free to contact your school site administrator or the Director of Student Support Services/CWA, (209) 574-5000 ext. 243.

**Please complete the Volunteer Application and turn in the completed form to Jennie Castillo, Office Manager**

Volunteer Code of Ethics, Rights and Responsibilities

Code of Ethics for Volunteers

  • Confidentiality –You may observe that students learn at different rates, need extra support or have emotional behaviors. Your observations are confidential. If you have concerns discuss them with the teacher, not with other volunteers, with other parents, or in the community.
  • Dependability – The teachers/staff have planned activities for you and the students. If something comes up, please be considerate of those depending on you and notify the office.
  • Communication –When you have questions or concerns about policy and procedures, please ask the appropriate person—the teacher, office staff or principal as needed. Most problems can be solved with respect and honest communication.
  • Support – As a school volunteer, you will be in a support position. Your role is to support the classroom teacher and the administrators of the building.
  • Attitude – Come to school with a positive attitude, one that will say to the students, “You are amazing.” I’m glad that I have an opportunity to work with you.” In order to promote volunteerism in our schools, it is essential for all school volunteers to adhere to a professional code of ethics.

Rights of Volunteers:

      • To receive clear and specific directions from cooperating staff.
      • To feel that you are an important part of the team by having your accomplishments recognized.
      • To not be left in charge of a class without the presence of a teacher.
      • To expect to have fun!

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