You are being asked to complete the Marzano High Reliability Schools Family Survey to help guide decisions in Sylvan District.  Thank you for your participation.  

The survey window is open from September 11, 2017 through September 29, 2017.

Click on this link to access the Family Marzano High Reliability Schools Survey. 

The results of the survey will be used by schools to celebrate those areas where they are achieving success, as well as select areas they would like to see improved.  The survey will be administered again in February 2018.

 Background on Dr. Marzano and Marzano High Reliability Schools™ Framework

 Dr. Marzano’s vision for K–12 education is simple: the vast majority of schools can be highly effective in promoting student learning. To show how, he created the Marzano High Reliability Schools™ framework. This framework, based on 40 years of educational research, defines five progressive levels of performance that a school must master to become a high reliability school—where all students learn the content and skills they need for success in college, careers, and beyond.

 The Marzano High Reliability Schools™ framework does not add a new initiative to school efforts. Many schools are already implementing a wide range of effective initiatives, and many educators are already practicing research-based strategies. The HRS framework does not replace professional learning communities, the Art and Science of Teaching framework, teacher evaluation and development, sound curriculum (including those aligned with the Common Core State Standards), vocabulary instruction, instruction in critical thinking and reasoning skills, formative assessment, standards-based grading and reporting systems, or student mastery systems.

 Instead, this framework shows how best practices work together and provides indicators to empower districts and schools to measure their progress on attaining five increasing levels of reliability:

 1 - Safe and Collaborative Culture

2 - Effective Teaching in Every Classroom

3 - Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

4 - Standards-Referenced Reporting

5 - Competency-Based Education

 Using the framework and indicators, districts and schools can drive permanent, positive, and significant impacts on student achievement by synthesizing multiple complex initiatives into one harmonious system.                    



8TH Grade Promotion 2018      

We are so excited about hosting the 8th grade promotion ceremony on our campus.

·                  Promotion will be held on Friday, May 25 at 6:30 pm (Promoting students should be here at 6:00 pm.)

·                  Promotion gowns have been ordered for all 8th graders. We will collect payments for gowns ($20.00 cash or check) on March 6 and 7 and April 3 and 4 at lunchtime in the MPR.  Students will receive their gown during the week of May 14.

·                  On site parking will be available beginning at 5:30 pm.

·                  Promotion will take place in our east quad area.  A limited number of chairs will be set up for the ceremony. Please feel free to bring lawn chairs or a blanket.

·                  Promotional photos will be taken of each student as they exit the stage.  Photos will be available to view and purchase online 3 days after promotion.

·                  Families are welcome to make congratulatory posters to display during promotion.  Posters may be no larger than 12” X 18” (size strictly enforced) and must be submitted to the office no later than Wednesday, May 23 at 3:00 pm.

·                  We ask that all families be respectful of other guests and not bring objects such as balloons and large stuffed animals that may obstruct the view of others.

·                  Somerset will be providing security during this event.

·                  Students must have all debts cleared in order to participate in promotional activities.

·                  Guidelines for promotion ineligibility per Middle School Code of Conduct, page 21 are on the back of this flyer.

Sincerely, Mitch Wood, Principal

Also, please refer to the letter posted on Peachjar (to the left) with additional eligibility information that Mr. Wood presented at Parent Night.  

Somerset Middle School
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